««Food Safety Regulation in the European Union»»(Erasmus+ Jean Monnet)


This project is focused on the creation of the module "Food Safety Regulation in the European Union".

The development and implementation of the module will improve students' understanding of the requirements of the EU food law, as well as improve the educational environment of the university through the introduction of innovative European technologies in education. The content of the educational module is aimed at harmonizing the systems of the European and Customs Unions on food safety, which ensure the right of consumers to safe food throughout the world.

The module includes the study of the following aspects of the food law of the EU and the Customs Union: requirements for food control and ways of its implementation; food quality requirements; food labeling requirements; new products with related products and materials requiring special permission; food safety criteria and laboratory control requirements.

The module is designed for 120 hours and consists of 3 disciplines, which include lectures and seminars.

Discipline 1
«Food law and safety "(40 hours) includes:
- Comparative analysis of EU legislation and the Customs Union
- Worldwide distribution networks and technical regulations as trade barriers
- Food Control Systems and Government and Industry Responsibilities

Discipline 2
«Food Safety and Laboratory Control» (40 hours) includes:
- Laboratory control and food safety criteria in the European Union and the Customs Union
- Risk-based approach of the food control system of the European Union

Discipline 3
"Food additives and labeling in the European and Customs Union" (40 hours) includes:
-Food Labeling Requirements
-Comparative analysis of the use of food additives in two systems

The implementation of the module in the educational process will allow introducing innovative methods of laboratory control of food safety of the EU, which students will practice at seminars and laboratory works.

During the implementation of the project on the topics of the educational module, the following events will be organized:

  • round tables;
  • seminars for students;
  • scientific and methodological seminar for teachers;
  • student project competition;
  • scientific and practical conference.