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«Food Safety Regulation in the European Union» (Erasmus+ Jean Monnet)

The project is focused on the creation of the educational module "Food Safety Regulation in the European Union".

The module includes the study of the following aspects of the food law of the European and Customs Unions: requirements for food control and how to implement it, requirements for food quality, requirements for food labeling, new foods with related products and materials requiring special permission, criteria food safety and laboratory control requirements.

The module is designed for 120 hours and consists of 3 disciplines:

«Regulatory framework for food safety»

«Food Safety Criteria and Laboratory Control»

«Nutritional Supplements and Food Labeling"

The implementation of the module will allow introducing innovative laboratory food safety control methods of the EU, which students will practice at seminars, as well as introduce students and teachers of NKFU with European experience in the field of food safety.

Project duration: 3 years (2018-2021)